Bai’ae is a port town on the edge of the Dreaming Sea and at the very farthest edge of the Prasad Empire.

On the coast and in the hills of Bai’ae the Dragonblooded relax in gorgeous villas to enjoy the cool seas or the luxurious hot springs. Whether it is a relaxing picnic on the dunes or a raucous orgy on a pleasure craft, Bai’ae has been built to attend provide everything their Dragonblooded rulers need to unwind after a hard day of ruling the world.

While the surrounding area around Bai’ae finds itself plagued by troubles, Bai’ae remains a haven against the unrest that surrounds it.

Less well known is the ancient Immaculate temple in Bai’ae. The temple had been abandoned for generations and has only recently begun to be restored. Significant investment is going into adding or retouched artworks venerating the Immaculate Faith, both to provide a more spiritual experience for vacationers in Bai’ae and to raise the prestige of the competing Traditional and Heretical branches of the Immaculate Faith in Prasad.


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