The Dreaming Sea

Chance Meetings

Our heroes have attached themselves to a caravan delivering the body of Nadia, the daughter of the Mayor of Kalath. Cause of death is unknown, but she is presumed to have been murdered while visiting a suitor.

The three (unknown to each other) solar exalted save the small farming village of Wheatgrass from an inhuman tyrant.

Summer’s Final Gale discovers a lead on one member of her list, Jorom Wufei.

Meanwhile the Wu, the Mayor of Kalath was murdered brutally in his rooms and the body of his daughter apparently missing.

It was discovered the Apothecary Zama had reanimated the Mayor after he did in an accident decades ago. The Solar heroes, find her and Zama pleads for her life. An inhuman bounty hunter wearing the face of Nadia is coming to collect a price placed on her head by unknown parties.

After some debate, Zama is left to the mercy of her pursuer. The bounty hunter cuts out her tongue before breaking her neck.



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