The List

The people on this list have been marked for death by Summer’s Final Gale.

At the moment they are largely unaware of this.

Jarom Wufei – Dragon-blooded scholar currently on his way to Palanquin.
Burano Borak – Upcoming military leader of the Burano clan. Proven himself to be a skilled and cunning commander.
Ophris Zahra – One of the last magistrate of the Realm, wanders the countryside dispensing justice and hard-won wisdom.
Ledaal Hue – An Immaculate Monk, she has been working hard to try to resolve the theological disputes between the Immaculates in Prasad and on the Blessed Isle.
Iselsi Kotori – Scion of a disgraced house, looking to reestablise her family’s fortunes in the frontier.

This list may be expanded as the involvement of others is discovered..

The List

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